Designs - Vinyl (Single colour)

One of the print processes that we use involves single colour vinyl. This will cut your design out on a chosen colour vinyl on a machine, we then pick out any bits that we don't need so it can be used on a big heat press (essentially a really hot, really big, iron!) to apply the design onto your garment.

We have many different colours to choose from, but should you require something that we don't offer then it is very likely that we can get it in for you, so feel free to discuss your idea with us. These colours are for heat transfer printing only and do not apply for stickers. If it is stickers that you are requiring then please get in touch, as this is not a service that we advertise but are able to do for you.

Below is a list of the colours that we offer in store, however as mentioned we are able to obtain other colours and patterns that you can't see below. These aren't true representations of the colours as some are photographs and others digital re-creations of the patterns, but it should give you a rough idea of what to expect when printed.



Pale Blue

Pale Pink



Light Green

Dark Green




Flo Pink

Flo Green

Flo Yellow

Flo Blue

Flo Orange

Glow in the dark

Sparkle Rainbow

Sparkle Purple

Sparkle Pink

Sparkle Silver

Matte Gold

Matte Silver

Gold Chrome

Silver Chrome