Here we will try and answer some of the most commonly asked questions that we have in the shop!

Will the design peel off or crack after the first wash?

No. So long as the item is washed on a normal wash (not a hot wash etc) at 30/40 degrees then it will be fine. In some cases we advise against tumble drying the item, mainly for the multi-colour vinyl prints as it is a different type of material but if all items are put on the airer to dry instead of being tumble dried then they should last just as long as the garment that they are printed onto. Both embroidery and vinyl printed designs will last just as long as the garment so long as you take care when washing and using your item; if it in regular use of heavy wear then of course the design will start to deteriorate as anything would in that situation, but we've never had an issue ourselves with the materials that we use for both printing and embroidery.

How long will it take to print or embroider my order?

If we have no other orders currently on the rail to process then we can print an order within an hour; generally it will take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to process a single order. If it is an embroidery order then it depends on how much work is involved for us to prepare the design for stitching. Once the design is ready or if it is just text from our pre-made selection of fonts then we can process this for you within a couple hours, if it isn't possible on the day then this will be a next-day service. Should we have a busy day when you come in to place an order with us any order won't be able to be processed for several hours, possibly next day. Multiple item orders will either be a couple hours on a quiet day, or several days during a peak season. It all depends on the day and how many orders we have on the rail to process before you place yours with us.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a prompt turnaround service, no matter the quantity.

What if I had something printed with you before and want to get it done again?

Any design that was for a business, or something that you asked us to keep saved will be stored on our system, so that when you come back in it can be hassle-free, and we will have the design saved to the right sizes with a list of colours used and a price. Some older designs may have not been saved or will have been without a list of colours and price; should this occur we will let you know when you come in and we search for the design, so that we can save those details on our system for future use.

Can I get a discount if I order more than one item?

Should you order several items in one payment then there's a very good chance that we can offer discount if you ask for it. Any orders consisting of 10 or more we will offer a discount, but any less generally we don't offer any discount and will be charged on a single-item price basis.

Setup fee

For printing we do not ask for a setup fee; most designs will take a few minutes to convert to a usable format or may already be provided in the format that we need to use. Embroidery however we require a £15 charge as it is a lot more involved to convert a design from a raster or vector graphic into a usable digitized file that will stitch as intended. This charge is a one-off fee of £15, which also means that the design will be then saved on our system for any future repeat orders. The same applies for any printing but a setup fee isn't required unless the design has to be edited; but this is listed as a logo-redrawing fee which will vary on the work involved.

I don't live in Paignton, can you post to me?

Of course! Should you not live nearby or only be visiting the town then we can offer a postal service. The cost will be confirmed depending on the order, any orders are shipped via Royal Mail.