Designs - Pattern text

We like to try and offer as much as possible, so we are now offering several different patterns that can be overlaid onto the vinyl fonts. Similar patterns are available as a roll of vinyl but this method allows us to have free range over how the text will look. If you would like to use one of these patterns then make sure that you choose a font as well to combine them together. On occasion (depending on the design) we may add a black or white outline, so that it can be easily legible on the garment, as some patterns may not have a clear edge/outline compared to others depending on the choice of font.

Animal - Zebra (rainbow)

Animal - Zebra

Camouflage - Green

Camouflage - Blue

Camouflage - Brown

Camouflage - Hunter Orange

Glitter - Blue

Glitter - Gold

Glitter - Green

Glitter - Pink

Glitter - Purple

Glitter - Red

Glitter - Silver

Miscellaneous - Bling

Miscellaneous - Honeycomb