About us

Bay Fashions was established in 1997, starting out as a retail store selling fashion wear. In late 2008 we started introducing clothing printing into the shop, and since then it has become more of a printing and embroidery shop each year. In 2019 we changed the name to Bay Printing and Embroidery to better cater the name towards the type of business we are.

With over ten years of experience, starting out entirely self-taught we are confident that we can provide a professional service and compete with the other companies out there. Whether it's an order for a single item, or several hundred, we have no limitations to what we can offer and what we are capable of doing for you.

Everything that we do is entirely in-house; we started printing t-shirts in the back room and as we progressed we started to transform our shop from fashion-wear into printing, and gathered more advanced machines, more designs and more options to choose from along the way. We have a lot of our products available to view and try on in the shop but should you require something that we don't offer, then we have thousands of different items to choose from on our online brochure.

Services that we offer

Clothing printing

(includes accessories such as bags, caps etc)

Clothing printing in its basic form is creating stencils that can be heated onto garments (heat transfer printing). We can offer both single-colour printing and multi-colour printing. We can print onto most materials but should you have something unusual then please inquire within. Something which has raised textures like a towel cannot be printed onto, for this we would recommend embroidery.

Embroidery and digitizing service

As well as offering printing we also provide an embroidery service (a fancy way for saying a digital sewing machine). If you have an embroidery file from a previous order elsewhere then send it over and we can let you know whether or not it is something we can use, otherwise we offer a digitizing service. This is basically the process to convert a digital image into a file that we can use to send to the embroidery machine to stitch your design onto the garment. This can be either very simple or quite involved, but we offer a flat fee of £15 to digitize your logo into stitches. Once done the design will then be saved on the system and the fee won't reoccur.


This is a service that we don't advertise, but we are capable of doing for you. Please use our contact form to inquire with what you would be looking to have done and we can give you a quote for this.

Signage & banners

This is a service that we don't advertise, but we are capable of doing for you. Please use our contact form to inquire with what you would be looking to have done and we can give you a quote for this.

Logo design/re-draw and alteration service

A lot of the time customers either don't have a logo or have an old logo that needs some work for us to be able to use it for printing or embroidery. For this reason we are offering a logo service where we can either design your logo or re-draw your own so that it can be used for our services. The logo design is a web-only service, as we do run a shop full-time, however logo alterations or re-drawing can be discussed and paid for in store. Alterations can be considered after you have used our services and want to change something simple like the colours, or possibly something completely different such as having a new logo made and wanting to use it from now on; all of this we would be more than happy to do for you so no design is "set in stone" forever, you can modify it however you wish. All designs will be saved on our system for future use so it is very easy for us to make a change for you.

Depending on the type of printing we will work with either a "raster graphic" or a "vector graphic", which will be defined by the file format that you have available. A raster graphic is a design that consists of pixels, which we can't upscale or resized to be any bigger without the design becoming distorted and blurred. A vector graphic however, is a design created in a program such as Adobe Illustrator, which was made entirely using pre-vectored shapes and lines that can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. We will inspect each design before we go ahead with any order to let you know whether or not the design can be the required size that you are wanting, and if it can be done or if we need to make any adjustments to it for you.

If you have any questions regarding what we can do for you or if you would like a quote then please get in touch with us via the contact page. If you want to learn more then feel free to browse the website, you can look into pricing up your order by visiting the pricing guide to give you a rough idea of how much it would cost, or if you are looking more for corporate/bulk orders then you will need to get in touch with us as the prices will vary for this kind of service.

We hope to see you soon!