As we are positioned locally in town and not situated within a big warehouse in a business estate, people often assume that we don't do large quantities for printing. But this isn't the case. We can handle any quantity, big or small. We aim to provide the same quality of service and prompt turnaround for everyone. Most orders that are of quantities up to twenty items we can process and complete within 1-3 days, but depending on whether we need to order additional garments or supplies, or if we are busy within the shop on the day it can take longer. If it was for a much greater quantity, such as over one hundred items then it wouldn't be completed in this timeframe. We have had large orders that have been completed within 1-2 weeks notice, so we more than welcome bulk orders.


The difference between the typical kind of orders we will have for one-off prints and corporate orders is the price. Due to the intention for business orders being recurring and generally that they will be larger orders we can offer the printing or embroidery (depending on which you would prefer) to be done at a cheaper price per item. There is no set-up fee for printing, but there will be for embroidery as it is more involved to amend design/artwork for it to then be stitched. Ideally we would prefer if you bought the garments from us, as we have a large array to choose from and brands we have tried and tested that we highly recommend for quality, but we will happily print on your own items (should you want to supply them instead of purchasing from us).

Bulk orders


Our bulk pricing discount starts from just 10 items. The more items you bring to us in one order to get printed or embroidered the larger the discount we can offer for you. In-store we may not hold enough variations of the sizes that you require, but we are able to order any quantity from thousands of different items via our clothing catalogue within 2-3 days.


Charity, schools & event/clubs


We understand that these corporations also would like to receive a discount when ordering. We will still require a bulk order to offer this, but we are more than happy to give you a deal with your order.


Companies for trade


Very often businesses come back for a repeat order, for this reason we keep your artwork saved on our system to make those return visits into the shop quick and hassle-free.